The Casio G'zOne Boulder comes as an update to the Verizon's well-established rugged "tough-phone", the Casio G'zOne Type S, and is designed to stand up to use and abuse. The clamshell G'zOne Boulder is feature-loaded and highly customizable, as well as being durable beyond the scope of the average flip-phone.

With both silver and orange coloring available, the G'zOne Boulder gives users many device appearance choices, starting with the basics. The face of the phone features a monochrome external display enclosed by a customizable ring. The "tough-phone" concept is emphasized by the device's heavy-construction look and muted colors accented with chrome detailing. 

The Casio G'zOne Boulder Verizon Cell Phone features a 1.3 MP camera that boasts a myriad of photography customization features, including a shot timer, white balance, brightness adjustment, and color effects (including negative, black and white, and sepia options). Users may appreciate the addition of an LED flash for night photography. Photo quality is acceptable, but not likely to impress. Device camera also captures and allows for playback of video. 

The phone is hearty in size, measuring in at 99mm x 51mm x 23mm (3.9" x 2" x 0.9") and users may appreciate the heft provided by the G'zOne Boulder's 138.9g (4.9oz) weight. 

Operating on Verizon's high-speed EVDO network, users can expect the G'zOne Boulder to provide quick data transfers as well as quality call audio. Speakerphone function is included, although the device's speaker is located on the backside of the phone, which some users may find inconvenient. The Casio G'zOne Boulder also supports memory expansion via microSD, up to 8GB. 

Device menus, wallpaper, and ring tones are all easily customizable using a wide range of choices in pre-set themes. Hands-free stereo Bluetooth (2.0 with A2DP (stereo)) capability is also included in the G'zOne Boulder. The phone also offers numerous text communication choices such as EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service, for sending sound) and standard MMS. Predictive text software serves to make sending messages and entering data more efficient.

Activation of advanced GPS services is available, although the Casio G'zOne Boulder comes standard with a location-enabled 911 emergency service. 

Marketed as a phone capable of handling abuse, the G'zOne Boulder accomplishes this feat by careful design. The interior "technology" is surrounded by protective silicon rubber, and the device's exterior features reinforced plastic coated in polyurethane. Casio boasts that the G'zOne Boulder can be dropped, submerged in water, or shaken without ill effect.

The device is designed to withstand exposure to water, including blowing rain, high humidity, and submersion for as long as 30 minutes in 1 meter deep water (with ports closed). 

LG VX9900 Verizon Cell Phone | CellularCountry.com
Good: The LG VX9900 Verizon Cell Phone provides an amazing set of features, associate degree intuitive QWERTY key pad, yet as respectable quality of calls compared to used cell phones.

Bad: The standard of LG VX9900 Verizon’s loading video could somewhat be superior, plus the fashion has several eccentricities. The exterior screen of LG VX9900 Verizon Cell Phone is tiny plus not too handy, used cell phones had identical downside. 

Conclusion: The fashion even now is not ideal, but the LG VX9900 Verizon may be a top-grade texting and multi-media cell phone.

The new LG VX9900 Verizon Cell Phone continues to be probably the foremost expected mobile phones of the season. Because the heir to the well-known LG VX9800 cell phone, the LG VX9900 Verizon gets its forerunner’s texting key pad, high-end perform collection, and also wonderful functionality while providing a amount of enhancements making it either contemporary and enhanced. Once more, we have a tendency to all have a number of style claims, but for online messaging and transmission junkies World Health Organization might have outgrown T-Mobile brother used cell phones, the LG VX9900 Verizon is really a reliable choice. At the instant it’s valued very fairly.


It appears that LG learned from the earlier errors once this manufacturer developed the LG VX9900 Verizon. Indeed, the phone is nevertheless boxy such as the VX9800 used cell phones, but sleeker outlines build it look slimmer and far more skilled.
The external show supports 65,000 colors; the used cell phones had identical color resolution. But this cell phone is smaller and it has a smaller show, therefore we have a tendency to recommend to customers who have visual issues to visualize the cell phone at the start. Everybody can easily build use of it so as to flick through the menus of LG VX9900 Verizon. Though the smaller show dimensions indicates we would have liked to conduct a lot of scrolling to be ready to find the function we would have liked. As a result of not every menu perform is offered, we would have liked to start the cell phone often exclusively to gain access to specific programs. In standby mode, LG VX9900 Verizon displays the time, time period power life, sound power, and image caller #. People could modify the backlight period and also the calling typeface size.